Ex-Stadia Exclusive Gylt Comes To PC And Consoles In July

Published: May 11, 2023 9:34 AM /


Sally pointing a torch at a monster in Gylt

Tequila Works has announced that ex-Stadia exclusive Gylt will be heading to PC and consoles on July 6th. The game was one of a handful that could previously only be played on Google's cloud gaming system, but it's now breaking out of Stadia's coffin and making its way onto other, more sensible platforms.

Google Stadia was announced to be shutting down back in September last year, after near-constant speculation that Google would pull the plug on its cloud gaming experiment. Game developers began jumping ship pretty soon after the announcement, and one of them was Tequila Works, who tweeted that Gylt would go multiplatform soon after the announcement of Stadia's demise.


Now, that promise is coming to fruition. Gylt will launch across PC and consoles in July, so you'll finally get a chance to play this quirky survival horror adventure for yourself. You can check out Tequila Works' multiplatform announcement trailer for Gylt and get a flavor of the game right here.

Gylt tells the story of Sally, a young girl who's searching for her missing cousin in the spooky mining town of Bethelwood, Maine. Sally quickly finds herself entangled in a Silent Hill-style warped dream-town that seems to reflect her worst fears and emotions back at her.

In terms of gameplay, you can expect a stealthy survival horror experience not a million miles away from Bloober Team's The Medium, albeit without the ambitious dual-world concept. You can hide from monsters and sneak around them, or you can confront them "in the same way you'd face or hide your fears", as Tequila Works says. If you like the works of Tim Burton, as well as classic survival horror games, Gylt is one to check out.

Gylt arrives on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on July 6th. There's no mention of a Switch port as yet. Stay tuned for more info on this and anything else that rises from the Stadia graveyard.



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