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Ever since July, it seems that Koei Tecmo and Omega Force's upcoming Berserk musou has been getting a non-stop stream of new information. The latest tidbit concerning the game comes in the for of two trailers showing off Berserk's main characters in action — the brutal antihero Guts and the sociopathic, godlike Griffith.

Guts' trailer, released on August 8th, showcases two different versions of Guts — the young, fiery mercenary found in the Golden Age arc of Berserk, and the more experienced, cynical Black Swordsman with his iconic Dragonslayer blade. The gameplay shown off is usual musou fare - a lot of wide swings, stabs, and other area of effect attacks you'd expect from Guts. You also get a good look at some of his projectiles — including the anti-armor cherry bombs and his myriad of throwing knives.

Griffith's trailer, released today, also showcases both forms of Griffith - the idealistic and caring Golden Age Griffith, and the monstrous and manipulative White Hawk, Femto. As to be expected from Griffith, his moveset is much swifter and more refined than Guts' wild swings, with attacks including short-ranged dashes and bursts of lightning-fast thrusts. Curiously, no projectiles are shown off, despite Griffith's occasional use of telekinesis in the manga.

While both Guts and Griffith have been previously announced, there are a few things in these trailers that can raise a few eyebrows. The first is the notable absence of Guts' Berserker Armor, a pseudo-'super form' that was announced alongside Nosferatu Zodd last week - as well as Griffith's most likely transformation into the Batman-esque Femto form. It's also worth noting that the enemies encountered in both stages correspond with the character's timeframe, so it's highly unlikely you'll be seeing Golden Age Guts or Griffith face off against golems, trolls, or daka (Basically orcs).

Koei Tecmo and Omega Force's Berserk releases this fall in the West on Playstation 4, PS Vita, and PC via Steam, with a Japanese release slated for October 27th.

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