Gunfire Reborn New Hero and Hard Mode Released

Published: August 20, 2020 11:00 AM /


Gunfire Reborn's newest hero

Breakout Indie FPS/RPG roguelite Gunfire Reborn has announced the newest additions to the PvE game, and how they shake up the experience with the Gunfire Reborn new hero, a new difficulty mode and more.

Most pronounced, and pictured above, is the martial arts master Qing Yan. Instead of being an athropomorphic gunslinger, Qing Yan lets you get close into the action, jumping in with his deadly leap attack, striking and using smoke to jump out of the way. Unlike other heroes, Qing Yan doesn't have a regenerating shield, instead he has armor that is recovered by hitting foes. Both of his major strikes with Leap and Cleave do crowdcontrol by damaging foes over a certain area.

On the new weapon front, the Sting and Talisman have been added for ranged weapon combat. The Sting has three firing modes it will automatically switch between: single shot, two-shot burst, and three-run burst mode. The single-shot mode will destroy armor and cuase explosions, given you a reason to take it slow sometimes. The Talisman is an elemental scroll that automatically tracks enemies, and is capable of changing between different elemental categories.

A couple new enemies were also added with this update, the Umbrella Spirit, and the Elite Corrupt Monk. The Umbrella Spirit is a monster that looks like an evil wavy Large Lantern Spirits to further endanger you.

If thats not hard enough, you can also try out the new hard mode. In this verison of the game, players will contend with significantly stronger monsters, with higher stats and higher numbers designed to challenge even the hardiest Gunfire Reborn veteran.

Gunfire Reborn is currently in Early Access on Steam, and is available at 10% off through August 29th making it cheaper if you want to pick it up and go shoot down enemies with friends as anthropomorphic gunslingers or martial artists.

What do you think of the Gunfire Reborn new hero? What about adding more difficulty options? Have you played it? Let us know in the comments below!


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