Gunfire Reborn DLC Release Date Announced

Published: August 17, 2022 9:45 AM /


Gunfire Reborn DLC screenshot

Gunfire Reborn, a level-based adventure that combines the roguelite, RPG, and FPS genres, has just announced the release date for its first paid Gunfire Reborn DLC: August 29th. Gunfire Reborn has done pretty well for itself since its November 2021 1.0 release, coming to mobile earlier this year and launching on consoles later in 2022. As for the Gunfire Reborn DLC, it features two new heroes and four new weapons. Let's take a look at it, shall we?

What can we expect in Gunfire Reborn - Visitors of Spirit Realm?

Players are probably most excited to see the two new heroes, so let's start off with Xing Zhe. He can summon a clone that will strike an enemy based on the used weapon type, and he can also use his Essence Chain to extract the enemy's essence and power up his own weapons. That sounds pretty grimy but also kind of cool. What kills them makes you stronger, eh?

As for the second hero, Li is evidently a pyromaniac, since she can control and manipulate fire. Her enemies will be devoured by using her flaming fox and meteors, which sounds a little overboard but better them than you, I guess.

Gunfire Reborn DLC screenshot
This Gunfire Reborn DLC is pretty lit.

The four new weapons start with the Hexagon, which can be used to block all attacks from the front and then return the favor with a powerful strike. The second weapon is the Cloud Weaver, which manipulates cloud spikes to silently fly through the player's enemies and stick them with the pointy end(s). The Arc Light channels lightning among enemies and deals massive damage, and the Lightning Ksana deploys a shield on a teammate and can also deal high crit damage.

Want to see the Gunfire Reborn DLC in action? Check out the official trailer below!

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