Guerrilla Collective Event Sees Two Surprise Releases

Published: June 13, 2020 2:00 PM /


Headup Games Outbuddies Rigid Force Redux

The Guerrilla Collective showcased a ton of games this morning, but one big surprise was a pair of games from publisher Headup, with both coming out right after the The Guerrilla Collective showcase. 

The two games are a pair of sci-fi titles, Outbuddies DX and Rigid Force Redux. Outbuddies DX is a game from developer Julien Laufer, first released on the PC in 2019. A 'Metroid' style 2D side-scrolling game, players will run, gun and explore an undercity, fighting odd creatures and discovering the remnants of a lost world. Coming along for the ride is Buddy, the players robot sidekick who can support you in battle when you need it the most. 

The second title, Rigid Force Redux, is a 3-D rail-shooter by developer com8com1. A re-release of the original PC version from 2018, Rigid Force Redux offers classic shoot'em up gameplay, blasting tons of enemy aliens, robots and giant machines that are waging war against mankind. Rigid Force Redux was redeveloped by com8com1, this time in the Unity engine to reach a smooth 60 FPS to compliment the gameplay. 

Both games have been previously released on PC, but this marks the first time they are coming to consoles, extending their reach beyond Steam and other platforms. Both Outbuddies DX and Rigid Force Redux will be released on the Nintendo Switch and the Microsoft Game Store, with no announcement for the PlayStation Network at this time. 

Those interested in playing either Outbuddies DX or Rigid Force Redux can pick them up today for €19,99 / $19.99 / £16.99. 

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