Guardians of Atlas Heading into Open Alpha

Published: August 29, 2016 10:30 AM /



The world of MOBAs is getting a new a competitor, from a prominent YouTuber too!

Well-known eSports commentator and YouTube content Sean Plott, a.k.a. Day9, in collaboration with studio Artillery Games, former by three-ex Google employees (Ankur Pansari, Ian Langworth and Mark Logan) are moving forward with the production of their “free-to-play, multiplayer MOBA-RTS hybrid” Guardians of Atlas.

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One weird thing to note is that earlier this month, Sean Plott did announce that he was leaving Artillery. That, however, did not seem to stop the development of the game. The game was previously in private beta, where it attracted 34,000 signups, and is now in public alpha with everyone being able to sign up and test the game here.

The game is said to combine "the action-packed, hero-centric gameplay of a MOBA and the economy, territory control, and individual unit control of an RTS." In the first game mode, Skirmish, two teams of three players will build and upgrade their armies, fight to destroy the enemy's base, and summon titans which are powerful unites meant to help a team push forward to their enemy's base.

Guardians of Atlas Screen 2

It is said that Guardians of Atlas has 'more depth and strategy" than normal MOBAs, while still featuring "frequent battling and unique army compositions" for RTS fans. Each match also has a replay system, by which every game is recorded and shareable, as well as post-game analytics.

The game currently features four races (Empire of Ometa, Legion of Apophis, Horde of Gorok, Order of Hamaliel) with each race having two characters each. The Empire of Ometa gets Hydros and Ryme, Legion of Apophis gets Eris and Vex, Horde of Gorok gets Alder and Grath, and Order of Hamaliel gets Celesta and Vela. Each race also has a back story to it, such as the Goroks being made "of living stone, and the first to be reborn from the seed," as well as each character having different abilities as well as different Toughness, Attack, Ability, and Difficulty attributes.

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