GTA Online Next Gen update adds lowrider customisation!

Published: October 24, 2015 12:16 AM /


GTA Online Lowriders

Around the world the fans of custom lowriders in GTA San Andreas rejoice in unison. As of GTA Online update 1.30, a new garage opens on the map called "Benny's Original Motor Works" in downtown Strawberry, where you can bring certain vehicles to be modified in ways not possible at Los Santos Customs. This is similar to GTA San Andreas where you had to take cars to a specialist garage to obtain lowrider modifications. I should also mention that this is only for the next generation version of GTA V. Last gen misses out on this update due to technical limitations.

Only a few select vehicles can be modified at Benny's, two of which were added in this update. But the selection of modifications is more vast and in depth than normal vehicles.

Credit to SeaWall Tx for the great resources and videos!

Willard Faction (new)  A not very popular car from GTA IV that gets its redesign from the second generation Buick Regal and to a lesser extent, the Tahoma from GTA: San Andreas, which is based on the same vehicle.
Declasse Moonbeam (new)  Another not so popular vehicle from previous games that's finally getting the pimped out minivan treatment.
Albany Buccaneer
Declasse Voodoo Currently this vehicle can only be modified if its restored from its default rusty condition.
Albany Primo
Vapid Chino

The vehicles above can be extensively modified inside and out, with custom interiors, engines, sound systems, paint jobs, and of course hydraulics, allowing the vehicles to bounce in the air. The full list of modifications can be seen on this GTA Forum post by SeaWall Tx, whom every update does amazing work in detailing all the changes.
To save all these badass lowriders, Rockstar has added a 4th purchasable property, giving you up to ten more garage spaces if you're like me and have filled the other 30 possible spaces. In fact, you can get a 25% rebate on any 10 car garage property until Sunday the 25th of October. However, you will need to have quite a bit of in-game money to get even one car modified. Just to unlock the modifications for the vehicle costs $185,000 dollars, and the best hydraulics, which let's be honest is the coolest thing about this update, costs a massive $275,000 dollars.

Another really cool feature is the vehicle remote mod, where you can control the sound system, doors, ignition and lights from outside the car. To go with the new vehicles, 8 new contract missions for Lamar have also been added which revolve around the lowrider scene.

In addition to the vehicle mods, this update adds two new weapons, the Tec-9 machine pistol from GTA: San Andreas, and a machete melee weapon. Along with that a tonne of new clothing options for male and female avatars including 17 new tattoos and four new hairstyles each for male and female avatars.

Overall a pretty amazing update with a tonne of additions and changes, not all of which is listed here. For the unofficial list of changes in this update, this forum post is the place to look until Rockstar adds an official changelog.

What do you think of the lowriders update? Let me know in the comments!


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