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GTA 5 Redux Overhaul Mod Has Launched

September 18, 2016

By: Robert N. Adams

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September 17,2013 (Calendar)
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A massive mod for Grand Theft Auto V titled GTA 5 Redux has launched and is now available for download. (The mod's official website is under heavy load, so if you're looking for the mod itself you can find it here.) A launch trailer (created by Ocean Powell) has accompanied the release.

Grand Theft Auto V has no official support for mods. An update in April of last year broke mods in some situations, and players who mod the game and play online will find themselves banned. Still, modders have pressed on and created interesting mods that allow for graphical changes or even new gameplay elements such as the ability to play the entire campaign cooperatively.


The GTA 5 Redux mod by JR Productions is a mod that overhauls the entire game. Weather, lighting, textures, environmental effects, and more have all had upgrades in terms of graphical fidelity. Physics-based changes have been made as well; for example, entirely new ragdoll animations have been put together for player characters and NPCs alike.

Aside from visual enhancements, the GTA 5 Redux mod also changes some gameplay elements. Previously unused law enforcement vehicles have been re-enabled and the Wanted system is now much tougher. Vehicles have updated suspension, handling, model deformation, and more. Random events and NPC population density have been altered to better reflect the time of day, and various story characters will make an appearance in free roam outside of missions to add to the immersion of the world.


This is quite a comprehensive mod, and according to the requirements page you will need an additional 70GB of hard drive space to accommodate all of the modded files. Enhanced visual fidelity also means that you will require a more powerful computer; the developer states that you should expect a 5-20 FPS drop compared to the vanilla game. No particular PC specs are mentioned, but the developer suggests that you have a PC that can handle "optimal performance". 

What do you think of modding in Grand Theft Auto V and how Rockstar has handled modding as a concept? Does the GTA 5 Redux mod look interesting to you? What's your favorite mod for GTA V? Let us know in the comments below!

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