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Published: July 27, 2020 9:50 AM /



For those who are terrified of spiders and/or have been diagnosed with Arachnophobia, Obsidian Entertainment has your back with Grounded. Sorta. 

Launching in just over 24 hours from now, Obsidian Entertainment has detailed in their latest Grounded blog about the accessibility features that are included in the game at launch. This includes an Arachnophobia Safe Mode that may come as some comfort for those that are terrified of spiders and their creepy, soulless eyes, and their long, spindly legs, and their... well, you get the idea at least.

Here are the options included in the mode:

  1. No changes to spider visuals.
  2. Reduces number of spider legs to four.
  3. Removes all spider legs.
  4. Removes all spider legs. Removes spider fangs.
  5. Removes all spider legs. Changes spider mesh to simple shapes.
  6. Removes all spider legs. Changes spider mesh to simple shapes. Changes spider materials to simple colors with shiny textures.

Jokes aside, this looks like it is pretty inclusive for those who want to play the game but cannot due to their own fear of spiders. Who knows how many people will actually need the mode, but hey, it's going to be there and available. so let's not look a gift spider in the mouth, eh?

There will also be a Colorblind Mode, a Large Text mode (great for those who have laughably poor eyesight like me), a Read to Me mode of the on-screen elements, Subtitles with text size and a dark background option, Chat text to speech (A resurrected Tony Jay as the narrator or we all riot), and controller settings along with things such as toggling crouch and sprint. It's all pretty exhaustive, all things considered, and Obsidian looks like they're really putting their newly found $$ where their mouth is.

For those intrigued by Grounded, it will be available tomorrow on PC and Xbox One.

What do you think of this news? Did you need the Arachnophobia mode in order to play? Let us know in the comments!

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