Grey Skies: A War of the Worlds Story Has Terrifying Tripods

Published: June 11, 2020 1:58 PM /


Grey Skies: A War of the Worlds Story cover

One of the more interesting reveals in the Escapist Indie Showcase was a bit of a throwback. Grey Skies: A War of the Worlds Story has players facing down a terrifying enemy that's over a hundred years old.

Check out the Grey Skies: A War of the Worlds Story Announcement Teaser to get a look at this upcoming game:

It should be noted that the main character's model looks a bit wonky in the above trailer; developer Steel Arts Software says that this is a temporary character model based on a test run of their motion capture setup. It likely won't be reflective of the final product. Graphics seem to be a particular concern for the company as they're targeting a next-gen console release and will really be amping up the options for PC gamers.

Over a hundred years ago, H.G. Wells wrote the thrilling novel The War of the Worlds. Alien invaders come to Earth from Mars and start kicking butt left and right with tremendous terrifying tripods equipped with futuristic weapons. The book has since been adapted into radio plays, television shows, movies, and games.

Grey Skies plops players down in rural England in the midst of this alien invasion. Tripods are tearing up the countryside with heat rays and you'll have to use stealth and guile to survive in an increasingly dangerous world. The rest of the story is, for now, a mystery.

Grey Skies A War of the Worlds Story slice

When is the Grey Skies: A War of the Worlds Story Release Date?

I'm always down to fight against alien invaders and this game looks like it has a fair amount of potential. When will you be able to play Grey Skies?

As far as we know, Grey Skies is targeting a 2020 release. Since they're aiming for next-gen consoles, we might not get our hands on this game until the tail end of 2020. For now, you can head on over to the Grey Skies: A War of the Worlds Story website to learn more about this upcoming game.

What do you think of Grey Skies: A War of the Worlds Story? Do you like games with stealth elements or do you prefer out-and-out action? Let us know in the comments below!

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