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Recently a developer on Steam Greenlight has been pulling some practices that members of the Steam community have been calling the user/company out on. The user in question, Nova Dimension, was covered on GreenWatch a few weeks ago after their Greenlight game "Life is Pain" was removed from Greenlight and then immediately put back up. Once the game was greenlit, the page changed to show an entirely different game titled "Force Invasion." Evidence of the original Life is Pain can be found on the site "Greenlight Updates" showcasing the removed title and the title that was "released" along with the original trailer showcasing the original gameplay. Not that much evidence remains of Force Invasion's existence; however, if you perform a Google search on it, the Steam page for the new game that's replaced it (VR Journey) comes up with the web page title of "Force Invasion".


This is not the first game Nova Dimension has on Steam. Nova Dimension currently has a total of 4 games on Steam and 1 upcoming game. However, all of these (with the exception of VR Journey) are not listed under Nova's Greenlight submissions. The rest of the submissions were submitted under a different user name, with a number of different users said to have been involved in the project on Greenlight. However, despite all of these games being listed under Nova Dimension's name once the game's received a Steam store page, none of the games submitted by the user that submitted them to Greenlight in the first place have Nova Dimension's name anywhere on them. I will use GlaZ as my example. The Greenlight page of GlaZ had 3 different users credited as the creators of the project, (Andrrroid, Worlons and AndRRR_M), none of which was Nova Dimension. However, the game was later greenlit and has had it's store page set up with a TBA release date with Nova Dimension credited as the only developer and the only publisher of the game.


Also, despite Nova Dimension still needing to fully release GlaZ and needing to get VR Journey out of Steam early access, he's still trying to get another game through Steam Greenlight; however this time, uploaded under his own name. What also seems a bit peculiar is  that the game in question, "Scourge," is being promoted across these different games despite them being uploaded by different users to Greenlight.

The primary question some users are asking when looking at these patterns is when did Nova Dimension come into the development of these games? Was he there to begin with and was just using different aliases to upload these games? If so, then what was his motive behind it?

We have reached out for comment and clarification but are still waiting for a response. If we receive one, we will update here.

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