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the great whale road

Indie developers Sunburned Games have a historical RPG coming to Steam Early Access on July 28th called The Great Whale Road. Play as the leader of a band of vikings during the year 650 AD. Set on the coast of the North Sea players will be tasked with earning the respect of their followers and keeping everyone alive.

Featuring 2D artwork and a lot of attention to detail, Sunburned has really done their homework on what it was like to be viking during the game’s setting. The Early Access version of the game will set players as the Danes from Úlfarrsted but later more cultures will be added, such as the Picts, Franks and Northumbrians. Aside from gaining renown, sailing the sea and pillaging, players will be faced with other historically accurate challenges like gathering enough resources and falling prey to rust and mold.

The Great Whale Road will be split up into two seasons. The Summer is for sailing, trading, completing missions and gathering enough resources to last the winter. During the cold season settlements will need to fend off invaders and manage their resources to survive.

The Great Whale Road
How many summers can you last through?

Battles will take place on both land and sea. Combat is turn-based with cards and heroes who can be one of four classes: Assault, Heavy, Skirmisher, and Support, each with their own weapon and armor sets.

Weapons will have the ability to cause status effects like bleeding, broken bones and internal injury. Armor comes with different protective properties and counter-weapon side-effects. Unique “Battle Cry Cards” for each hero give battles a more realistic random element.

The Great Whale Road
Sail the great whale road to find fortune or ruin.

Historically-based and story driven The Great Whale Road combines RPG elements and light management mechanics for a realistic simulation of Viking life. Sunburned Games is bringing their title to Steam Early Access on July 28, 2016, for Windows. Mac and Linux versions will be added later. Visit the game’s website to learn more about the game.

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