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Great Cascade is a game where characters in the open world remember and react to your actions, and it just hit Steam Greenlight. The game is being developed by Seamount Games, a one-man development studio. This is the studio’s first big project, and it started with tinkering with character AI. Now, as the game hits Steam Greenlight, that is still the game’s main focus. The developer is working to make a game where decisions truly matter, characters have actual personalities, and experiences vary from player to player.

The decisions made in Great Cascade are deeper than those in a branching storyline, and they are more complex than in a morality system, according to the game’s Steam Greenlight page. The developer is careful to explain that this game is all about cause and effect and is completely nonlinear. Here is the example that the developer gave:

Maybe you deliver an item for a guy. He gives you a reward and likes you a little more. Or maybe instead of delivering the item, you sell it to the highest bidder. Now the guy hates you. He tells his friends and they hate you. You're rich, but on the run. 

Besides the decision-making aspect of Great Cascade, the game also has some other key features. Great Cascade is a single-player adventure game set in an open world where every character in that world has a unique personality. The way you interact with that character depends on their personality, and with every new game, the personalities and relationships of all characters in the game are randomized, ensuring that every game is a unique experience. The game also boasts a 3D cartoon-like art style similar to that of a game like Firewatch. Interested in the game? Here’s the game’s Steam Greenlight page, where you can check out more screenshots of the game and possibly help get the game to the Steam store.

Check out the trailer for the game here:

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