Gravity Rush Movie in the Works by PlayStation Productions

Published: August 22, 2022 1:41 PM /


Gravity Rush Gameplay Screenshot, of main character with blonde hair and other character with black and red hair falling into a twisting nether abyss below a vast amount of sky cities. The main character outstretches her hand towards the camera as if asking you to grasp it to save her life.

It appears that PlayStation Productions is showing no sign of slowing down with movie adaptations of popular video games. We learned today that yet another game is headed to the big screen, as a Gravity Rush movie is now in development.

The 2012 open-world action adventure allows players to embody Kat, a young woman that has the ability to manipulate gravity in her favor. With these powers, she is able to walk on walls and go soaring high in the sky.  Players will go head-to-head with enemies known as Gravity Storms, whether it be on the ground below or while flying, using Kat's hand-to-hand combat skills while they wait for her power meter to increase. Once that power meter is full, any foe who stands in your path can be obliterated by using her powers to manipulate the world around her.

Gravity Rush Gameplay screenshot, showing main character Kat floating in the air and pulsating with bright white energy, as she uses her Gravity powers within the sky city.

First announced by Deadline, it is stated that both PlayStation Productions and Scott Free Productions will be the ones to work on the Gravity Rush film, but as of right now there are no definitive answers on who will actually be producing the film. It was also reported that  Anna Mastro, known for helping produce titles such as Gossip Girl, Runaways, and UnREAL, has been asked to direct the Gravity Rush film.

More so, Emily Jerome, an up-and-coming writer known for her work on Panopticon, will be writing the script for the movie adaptation. Any further details as to who might be involved with the production, casting, and development have yet to surface.

As you may know, Sony has been adapting popular games into movies left and right, as we saw the rumor that Days Gone might also be making its debut as a movie later on down the line. We also know that they are working on several TV series, such as The Last of Us, which will be available on HBO and HBO Max at some point, but we aren't sure exactly when. After the success that was the Uncharted movie, it makes sense that they would continue down that path. The Uncharted film did over $400 million in box office sales, so one can only imagine the adaptations won't end here with Gravity Rush, as PlayStation Productions has seen a lot of positive feedback thus far. 

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