Grand Theft Horse Sim Rustler Launches In 2021

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A Monty Python quote in Rustler (or Grand Theft Horse)

Rustler, a crime sim being billed by its creators as "Grand Theft Horse", is coming to Steam Early Access in 2021. The game is a collaboration between developer Jutsu Games and publishers Games Operators and Modus Games.

What kind of game is Rustler?

Rustler's creators bill it as a "crazy open-world action game full of pop culture references". It aims to pay tribute to the early days of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. You are "The Guy", an anti-hero bandit determined to win The Great Tournament and the Princess' hand in the process. Of course, the plot is mainly just an excuse to wreak havoc on a medieval world by stealing horses, killing people, and generally acting in a very improper manner.

Main character Guy laments his drunken antics in Rustler
A very relatable problem in Rustler, otherwise known as Grand Theft Horse.

Things you'll be able to do in Rustler include, but are not limited to, the following: dragging people through mud, firing cows into the sky, drawing rude pictures in the mud with a plow, and generally making everyone else's life a misery. There is, of course, also a story campaign to work your way through, which involves the usual creation of shaky alliances with colorful local characters in order to achieve your aims. You can also look forward to the ability to recruit a bard, who will sing of your exploits (presumably until you get bored and fire a cow at him). We do not promise said bard will design a ditty as catchy as Jaskier's Toss a Coin to a Witch.

If you'd like to see if Rustler is your kind of game, a free demo is available right now via Steam to check out. Rustler will enter Steam Early Access sometime in 2021. Its creators say they're only estimating Rustler will stay in that state for around three months, at which point the "first full version" of the game will launch. Between Early Access and full launch, the devs are aiming to add new balance aspects, difficulty levels, and achievements, among other things. Take a look if you love Red Dead Redemption, but wish it had a little more Monty Python.

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