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Rockstar Games' titles including Grand Theft Auto V are on sale for the weekend according to a news post on Steam. Additionally, there are multiple sales and money-earning opportunities currently underway in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Rockstar Publisher Weekend

Select Rockstar Titles are on sale on Steam until 10:00 AM Pacific Time on Monday, September 26.

Grand Theft Auto V is on sale for $40.19 (a 33% discount). For players interested in Grand Theft Auto Online, bundles with a Great White Shark Cash Card, a Whale Shark Cash Card, or a Megalodon Cash Card are available for additional discounts. If you already own the game, you can snap up a Whale Shark Cash Card (worth $3,500,000 in in-game money) for $33.49 (a 33% discount) or a Megalodon Shark Cash Card (worth $8,000,000 in in-game money) for $59.99 (a 40% discount).

Grand Theft Auto IV is on sale for $6.99 (a 65% discount) or $8.99 for the Complete Edition (a 70% discount). Grand Theft Auto III  and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City are discounted 65% to $3.49 and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is discounted 65% to $5.24, although note that since 2014 the Steam version has lacked some songs in the original. You can get all three 3D-era games in a bundle for $8.99 (a 70% discount) or you can grab a bundle with just Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto IV for $10.49 (a 70% discount). The best deal is the Grand Theft Auto Collection which contains the three 3-D era games and Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition for $14.99 (a 70% discount).

Max Payne 3 is $6.99 (65% off) and the complete edition is is $10.49 (70% off). Max Payne and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne are both $3.49 (65% off) or you can grab both games in the Max Payne Bundle for $4.49 (70% off). If you don't own any of the Max Payne games you can grab the Max Payne Complete Bundle at a 70% discount for $16.48.

As for Rockstar Games' other titles besides Grand Theft Auto and Max PayneL.A. Noire is discounted 65% to $6.99 and its DLC bundle is discounted 65% to $4.19. You can get the complete edition of the game at an even greater 70% discount for $8.99. Bully: Scholarship Edition is available for $5.24 (a 65% discount), Manhunt 2 is available for $3.49 (a 65% discount), and Midnight Club 2 is available for $3.49 (a 65% discount).

Lastly, if you don't own any of the releases from Rockstar Games you can purchase everything in this sale for $92.87 (Shark Cards not included) by purchasing the biggest bundles as well as the handful of individual games not included in a bundle such as Manhunt 2.

Grand Theft Auto Online Bonuses & Sales

Now that the Motorcycle club update has been announced Rockstar Games is offering yet another week of discounts for in-game items as well as Double RP and Cash for select missions. These discounts and bonuses will last from September 23 until September 29.

Lamar's Lowrider Missions and the Entourage Adversary Mode are paying out double RP and double in-game money. A Stunt Race playlist featuring the Chiliad, Plummet, Canyon Crossing, and Vespucci Stunt Races is also paying out double RP and double in-game money. This week's Premium Stunt Race has rotated to East Coast; you can access it via your phone or by heading to the mission marker in Legion Square.

As for discounts, an eclectic mix of high-end vehicles have had their prices lowered by 25%. Supercar fans can take advantage of discounts on the Progen T20, Pegassi Zentorno, and Emperor ETR1. If you'd like to slowboat it through the streets of Los Santos you can snap up the Gallavanter Baller LE LWB, and if you're going to drive through the rougher parts of town you can grab the armored version at a discount as well.

Lastly, a selection of Buckingham vehicles is on sale if you're looking to spend an absurd amount of in-game money on something ostentatious. The Volatus, Swift, and Luxor are all part of the sale, and if you wanna fly like a baller you can grab the gold-plated Swift Deluxe or Luxor Deluxe as well.

Quick Take

The Rockstar Publisher Weekend is a nice sale, but some of the bundle choices are a bit strange. There is no "Buy every GTA game" bundle nor is there a "Buy every Rockstar Games title" bundle. Only the two most expensive Shark Cards are discounted which is also really unfortunate. Rockstar Games seems content to keep Grand Theft Auto V priced pretty high for the foreseeable future. The online discounts are nice, but I personally feel pretty set with the arsenal I purchased in last week's Warstock Cache & Carry sale. As for the online bonuses, the 2X RP and cash might actually make Lamar's missions somewhat bearable. If that's not your thing, I had a blast playing Entourage last night so give it a spin!

Do you own Grand Theft Auto V? If not, how low does the price have to drop for you to consider picking it up? Do any of the vehicles in the Grand Theft Auto Online sale particularly interest you? Let us know in the comments below!

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