Grand Theft Auto V Gets New Adversary Mode, Week-Long Event

Gaming article by Chris Anderson on Monday, April 11, 2016 - 08:00
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Rockstar's support for the online portion of Grand Theft Auto V continues this week with a new adversary mode making its way to live servers tomorrow.

This new mode titled "Inch By Inch" pits your team against a team of enemy players as you try to take possession of a package, which you need to deliver to the enemy team's end zone. The player who is in possession of the package will need to be protected by the other team members because that player will be unable to use his or her weapons. This game mode requires solid teamwork and a sharp wit to outsmart your opponents. 

To celebrate the release of this new adversary mode, Rockstar are offering players a 100% increase in dollars and reputation points and an adversary mode playlist that switches out modes for new ones at certain points during the week. You can take advantage of this playlist all week by launching the playlist from the Playlists section in the Grand Theft Auto Online pause menu.

GTA Online Inch By Inch Adversary Mode

Furthermore, Rockstar are giving out discounts at Ammu-Nation for the duration of the event for the following weapons and items:

  • Sniper Rifles – 25%
  • Sniper Rifle Attachments – 50%
  • Shotguns – 40%
  • Shotgun Attachments – 30%
  • Body Armor – 50%

Lastly, players will be able to obtain a brand-new car to use in the new adversary mode (or anywhere else for that matter). This new car is a stylish minivan that has more than enough room for you, your friends, and a pile of guns. This car can be bought at Benny's Original Motorworks in the inner city. 

GTA Online Vapid Minivan

The new adversary mode, the discounts, and the new car will be available tomorrow on versions running on Microsoft Windows, the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Players on last-gen consoles will, unfortunately, miss out on the new stuff since the support for older systems got dropped last year. 

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