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Published: October 25, 2017 9:52 PM /


Persona 5 News Ultimate Edition

Atlus shook the world outside of Japan with its April release of Persona 5, a game that made a strong impression on critics and fans alike. Since the global release, Atlus has released costume packs as well as exclusive personas as DLC. Now half a year later, the Persona 5 Ultimate Edition gives people a chance to pick up all that post-release content in one bundle.

The ultimate edition includes the base game and all the aforementioned content, and it’s bundled with the “Merciless” difficulty, the Healing Item Set, the Skill Card Set, and the Japanese audio track (all of which are already available for free download via the PlayStation Store). This neat bundle of all the Persona 5 content will cost PS4 owners $125 and PS3 owners $115 on the PlayStation Store.

For those who already own the turn-based dungeon-crawler JRPG, the persona and costume bundles can be purchased separately for $20 and $60, respectively. The Persona Bundle adds 18 personas to the game, and if these DLCs were bought piecemeal, it would ring up about $27. The Costume & BGM Bundle gives customers access to 14 total costume sets and two other cosmetic items. The two cosmetics and four of the costume sets can currently be downloaded for free, but buying the other 10 sets would cost nearly $70. Aside from changing the looks of your characters, the background music in battles can change depending on the outfit the main character is wearing. For example, if he’s wearing the Persona 4 outfit, the Persona 4 battle music will play.

Persona 5 is a JRPG that blends life simulator and dungeon crawling. The colorful main cast, a troupe of high school students known as The Phantom Thieves, works to right societal wrongs by changing the hearts of corrupt adults. And of course, the only way to do that is to use a smartphone app to enter a metaphysical dungeon created by these adults’ twisted desires. What else would they do? When they aren’t dungeon crawling, the main character can work on improving his personality while forging relationships with a variety of friends. It’s a daring combination that’s proved successful enough, as publisher Sega announced the game sold more than 1.8 million copies in July. You can read more about our impressions of Persona 5 here.


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