Google Stadia Achievements Will Unlock Retroactively

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Google Stadia Achievements Will Unlock Retroactively

November 13, 2019

By: Robert N. Adams


Google Stadia achievements aren't yet implemented, but that doesn't mean you won't be able to earn them. If you complete a feat that would normally net you an achievement, Google's upcoming streaming game console will remember your actions and award you the achievements retroactively.

At the moment, Google Stadia is lacking in a few features that many of us in the gaming realm are used to. Among these missing features are achievements, special awards that can be given out on a per-game basis for pretty much any conceivable reason. While many games offer achievements for hitting important milestones or completing epic challenges, there are also a fair few joke achievements; as an example, The Stanley Parable has an achievement that requires you to not play the game for five years.

Although this particular feature isn't ready to go just yet, it seems that Google Stadia achievements will pay off for players... eventually.

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Google Stadia Achievements will 'Absolutely Give You Credit'

"While we don't yet show Achievements in the UI we will absolutely give you credit for everything you've unlocked once they become available on Stadia," a Google spokesman told OpenCritic. "We'll have more to share at a later date."

At the moment, the Achievements tab in the Google Stadia UI is more or less empty. While we do know that players will be awarded for their in-game actions, there's still plenty that we don't know. Will Google Stadia achievements be the exact same ones that we get on PC and consoles or will it have its own system? Will there be a Google equivalent of a "Gamerscore"? (Android Gaming already uses a sort of "levels" system that's somewhat similar to Steam.)

We're sure to find out more about this feature in the future. For now, we've reached out to Google to try to learn more.

What do you think of Google Stadia's achievements being retroactively awarded once the feature arrives? Do you think they'll have a "Gamescore" or "Level" system like other gaming platforms? Let us know in the comments below!

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