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Google GDC 2019 - Stadia Supports Instant Sharing of Gaming Moments

Gaming article by Robert Scarpinito on March 19, 2019 at 2:57 PM

At GDC 2019, Google revealed its new streaming platform, Stadia. The platform facilitates game streaming on a whole new level, letting anyone stream major games to many devices. To supplement the "gaming for everyone" mentality, Google revealed how sharing will work on the new platform.

The end result of sharing with Stadia is a link. Google emphasized the need for it to be easy, like sharing any other video or link. The shared link can lead to whatever the developer encodes in what's called the game state. The whole feature itself goes by the name State Share.


When you share your game state, others can see a variety of data related to your gaming moment. This goes beyond a simple image or video. You essentially share your save file, allowing whoever goes to that link to jump right into the moment you were in. When you use State Share, you invite others to experience the same moment you just did unlike ever before.

Additionally, Q-Games teased that they're working on a new game. We don't know the title, but it will be utilize State Sharing as a core game mechanic. Q-Games is the Japanese developer behind the PixelJunk titles.


To complement State Share, Google also revealed another component of the Stadia experience: Crowd Play. Crowd Play focuses more on the community aspect of gaming, affecting streamers and how they interact with their audience.

In other Stadia news, Google officially revealed the controller that will go along with the platform. It connects directly to the game via Wi-Fi, bypassing whatever device you're using. Additionally, id announced that its upcoming demonic shooter, Doom Eternal, would be on Stadia. The platform releases some time in 2019.

How do you think State Share will change how gaming moments are shared online? Let us know in the comments below.

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