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Google GDC 2019 - Stadia Games Studios Announced Headed by Jade Raymond

Published: March 19, 2019 2:59 PM



At Google's GDC 2019 press conference, they announced their first party development team, Stadia Games Studios. It will develop games directly for the Stadia platform. Beyond just first party titles, the studio will help third-arty developers take full advantage of what Stadia offers. They also announced that Jade Raymond will be leading the studio.

Just a few days ago, it was announced that Jade Raymond would be joining Google. Now, we obviously know why. She's a veteran of the industry, working in it for over 20 years.

We can expect more announcements about and from Stadia Games Studios in the near future, especially since they Stadia will be launching sometime this year.

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Andrew Otton
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