Google Announces Stadia Connect Conference For June 6

Published: June 3, 2019 2:34 PM /


Google Announces Stadia Connect Conference For June 6

Google Stadia was first announced at GDC 2019 earlier this year with a live demo of the streaming technology that will allow anyone to play games through Google Chrome, with the games running on Google's servers rather than the PC itself. It's a groundbreaking technology that promises to disrupt the gaming industry and market, both on PC and consoles. While Google shared some information during GDC 2019, most of us still have many questions about the technology and the service. We can speculate about it, but we still require more information. Google promised to share more at a later date, and now they have announced the first Stadia Connect conference for June 6, promising "exciting announcements, games, and more."

Hopefully, the conference will shed more light on the technical details of Stadia, but it will probably focus more on the service itself. Google shared virtually nothing about pricing and plans at the GDC announcement, while they are promising to share the pricing this time around, along with game reveals, and launch info.

Gaming historian and journalist Liam Robertson, who’s previously been proven correct in regard to rumors about BioWare’s then-unannounced AnthemMass Effect Andromeda‘s animation, the cancellation of Scalebound, and G.R.R. Martin's consulting for a Japanese video game, has weighed in on Twitter, announcing his sources indicate Baldur's Gate III, which was teased last week, will open the show.

We'll find out more on June 6 during our coverage of Stadia Connect. Stay tuned to TechRaptor in the next two weeks for a lot of news as we approach E3 2019 as well.

Quick Take

Color me surprised, as I really never expected Baldur's Gate III would ever land on Google Stadia. This might be the equivalent of a AAA isometric RPG, and Larian Studios is indeed the best studio to achieve that. I wonder if it will be a Stadia exclusive, and how graphically intensive it should be. We'll see on Thursday.

Are you excited for a Baldur's Gate III announcement? Do you think it will be a killer app for Google Stadia? Let us know in the comments below!


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