Going Medieval Update Experimentally Released

The latest Going Medieval Update wasn't supposed to release so soon.

Published: July 19, 2021 10:45 AM /


Going Medieval

The latest Going Medieval update has been released, and it's an experimental one that was released early as the developers (Foxy Vowel) saw that people wanted additional storage options. For instance, if you unlock Preserving Food in the Research tab, you'll be able to build shelves. What can shelves hold? Well, they can hold 3 different piles of food, textile, and/or medicine. You can either lock off a complete shelf from being interacted with (forbid/allow), or you can have individual options for all the piles on the shelf..

What's in the Experimental Going Medieval update?

If you unlock Furniture in the Research tab, you'll be able to build regular Bookshelves, Wall Bookshelves, and Weapon Racks. The Bookshelf can hold 4 different piles of books, such as Chronicles, Textbooks, and Thesis'. The Wall Bookshelf is the same as a regular Bookshelf, but they can only store 3 different piles of books and are attached to walls. And finally, the Weapon Rack can hold up to 3 different weapons and shields.

The Armor Rack is as you'd expect, except it can store only one head dedicated to it and one body/dedicated item. A Chest can also store two items from clothing/hats to armor, and/or weapons.

DEV TIP: All shelves can be edited in json files, so those players that want to play around with them are free to do so. The type of storage is defined in the Furniture.json, and the content and number of piles is defined in the UniversalStorage.json

Larger maps are also in the game, but the previous experimental version had 320x320-sized maps. While you could edit the .json file, the maps offered in-game are 190x190 (small), 220x220 (medium), and 250x250 (large). The reasoning behind this change is that settlers were not designed to operate in large areas, so in the biggest map sending them from one end to the other "will make them starve while they come back to their food source. This can also happen on the other map sizes, but it's not very likely. 

That isn't to say that larger maps aren't going to be officially supported in the future, but that would mean "deeper changes in settler behavior logic", so if it's coming it's coming later rather than sooner.

For the full patch notes in the experimental Going Medieval update, be sure to go here.

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