Going Medieval Update Adds Trading, Factions, And More

A new Going Medieval update is live, and it's adding lots of features that were previously only available experimentally

Published: October 19, 2021 10:54 AM /


Settlers working the fields in Going Medieval

A new Going Medieval update is live, and it's a big one. Titled "Merchants & Diplomacy", the update adds, as you might expect, merchants and diplomacy, as well as a new region map feature, an overhaul to the event system, and lots more.

What's in the new Going Medieval update?

The two biggest additions in the new Going Medieval update are the new faction system and the ability to trade and barter with merchants. Factions will war with one another and you can curry favor with them, but you'll risk invoking the ire of an opposing faction if you do. You can change your faction alignment by giving gifts to factions, trading with them, or engaging in the event system, which will give you lots of opportunities to change your standing with factions. At least Going Medieval has a pretty slick save system so you can rewind if you make a mistake with...let's see...the Progeny of the Plague. Eek.

The new faction system in the latest Going Medieval update
In fairness, "The Progeny of the Plague" probably isn't a faction worth being friendly with anyway.

You'll also find a new bartering system that lets you trade and haggle with merchants. These NPCs will arrive at your base over time and will carry items you might want. You can trade resources you have with them, and the better your alignment with a merchant's faction, the more items will be available to you. If you're feeling particularly fiendish, you can attack merchants, but they will have bodyguards, so you'll need to be prepared for the consequences. You can also send caravans to barter with other settlements, opening up the world for trade.

How has this update changed Going Medieval's events and character customization?

Since Foxy Voxel has introduced new trading and diplomacy systems to Going Medieval, the studio also decided to rework the event system to reflect this change. There's now just a single raid event, but the faction will be chosen at random from the list of factions that are hostile to you. In addition, you'll notice a new outcome for the Runaway event; if you don't give the settler back, it won't necessarily mean a raid, but it will negatively impact your relationship with that settler's faction.

The new event system in Going Medieval
Watch out, <village_name>. Your days are numbered.

Character creation has also been overhauled in this latest Going Medieval update. After Foxy Voxel announced it was working on new settler customization options back in September, that feature has been added to the main branch of the game. Now, you can change a whole bunch of parameters for your settlers, including age, appearance, religion, perks, and more. Going Medieval uses a points system to allocate skills to settlers, and while you can change this, the number of points to adjust these stats will vary, so you can't make a Wesley Crusher-style settler who's godlike at both farming and crushing skulls. More's the pity.

There are a whole bunch more fixes and tweaks in the new Going Medieval update, so make sure to read the full patch notes on Steam if you want to know everything that's new. Otherwise, you can check out Going Medieval right now via Steam, GOG, or the Epic Games Store. While the game has proven pretty successful, it can certainly be difficult to get your bearings, so make sure to check out our beginner Going Medieval tips to get you started.

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