Going Medieval Update 0.7.4 Launches on Steam

Published: January 24, 2022 10:25 AM /


Going Medieval

The latest Going Medieval update, 0.7.4, has just launched on Steam, and players can access it through its Experimental Branch. This patch includes the harvesting system overhaul, new resources, equipment, structures, fueling system, visual variations to structures, aging settlers, and more.

This seems like a huge Going Medieval update-and it is-but its also not the first big update to release for the Early Access title. We've already had updates that add trading and factions, as well as updates that add a ton of settler customization. This one, though, has a lot going for it, so we'll have to break it down.

What's in the latest Going Medieval update?

The first thing players should do if they enable this experimental update is that they need to disable mods if they have them. If they're enabled, (especially mods related to crops) players might experience crashes or might not even be able to start the game. So be sure to do that first thing.

Speaking of crops, crops have been changed in the form of seeds and saplings, which adds a new phase to the life cycle of plants. Hay crop fields have been taken out of the game, and to alleviate this potential issue barley gives a similar amount of hay now. Players who have old saves with hay crop fields will have the crop fields deleted once they load back in.

While you're dealing with that set of crops, there's now crop plight to worry about too. It can occur during the summer and autumn and it will destroy your crops if it hasn't been dealt with. It only affects flax, barley, cabbage, carrots, and beets, so any other crop won't have to deal with that particular nonsense. There's also new harvesting controls and behavior added for crops, which adds things like crop field priority, a 'don't sow' option, a harvest and cutting phase, and a 'changing crops' option for a selected field.

There's a lot of other things added besides crops as well. There's new resources in the form of bread, apple pie, honey, wax, silver, and silver ingots, new equipment such as silver versions of weapons, armors, and shields along with bucklers, kites, and regular shields with all metal variations. Enemies and visitors will also now have new equipment you can't create like armor made from bones, but nothing is stopping you from taking the cool l00t by force.

New structures such as an icebox, skep, merchants stall, and caravan hall have been added, along with visual variations to structures that include thing such as roofs, merlons, fences, floors, and walls. Roofs also have material variations. For those that like using light and heat sources, they now require refueling to continue emitting heat and light. Once the buildings are out of fuel, settlers will need one of the fuel types to refill them. 

Last but not least there's two new music tracks added to the game, and the music playlist logic has been changed. 

For more information on every Going Medieval update, stay tuned to TechRaptor.

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