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The latest GOG Weekly Sale is here and it's got a nice mix of classic coin-op games alongside various different strategy games according to a post on the digital distributor's website.

Featuring over 60 DRM-Free Games and DLCs, this week's GOG Weekly Sale largely focuses on classic NEO-GEO games that you'd happily feed quarters into at your local arcade. That's not all there is in this package, though, a number of strategy titles that let you build buildings, survive the post-apocalypse, or battle monsters with your friends are also available! Here's a selection of some of the neat games you can play.

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The Escapists is all about busting out of jail however you can.

The Escapists (Our Review) is an interesting game where you're tasked with escaping a prison. It's discounted 75% off to $4.49. How exactly you go about it is entirely up to you: start a riot, dig a tunnel, or figure out some other scheme to get your butt out of jail as fast as possible. If this really sounds like your kind of title, you might want to look into picking up some of the DLC like The Escapists: Alcatraz ($0.99, 75% off) or the A-Team-esque The Escapists: Escape Team ($0.99, 75% off).

FATAL FURY SPECIAL is a classic fighting game that's one of the first titles to feature Mai Shiranui, the buxom ninja who kicks your butt with a fiery fan (and a copious amount of double-sided tape). Play in single-player or co-op with over 15 different characters from the classic SNK era. Bear in mind that this game might require a bit of tinkering to get it working just right; you might need to get a third-party program like JoyToKey to rebind keys. FATAL FURY SPECIAL is $2.99, 50% off its regular price.

THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2000 is 50% off at $2.99. This game was a staple choice amongst my friends for the variety of interesting characters it had on offer. The Active Striker System will be well-familiar to anyone who has played a Marvel Vs. Capcom title. If you're really out for a challenge, try to beat the boss in Arcade mode and see the kind of punishment gamers had to endure back in the golden age of 2D fighting games. (Protip: you can be hit twice, at most, before getting knocked the heck out. It's that hard.)

METAL SLUG is a heartwarming adventure about you, a copious amount of high-powered weapons, and a bunch o' baddies to shoot them at. 50% off at $2.99, this arcade classic has you running and gunning through 6 tense missions with the option to board the almighty Metal Slug tank and truly rain devastation upon your enemies. If things prove too tough for you to do it alone, you can hop into online co-op and play with a friend. You can also pick up the sequel games METAL SLUG 2METAL SLUG 3, and METAL SLUG X for the same price of $2.99 each (a 50% discount).


Project Highrise lets you build a tower focused on office space, residential apartments, or both.

Project Highrise is like Cities: Skylines for SimTower. This spiritual successor to the classic tower-building game has you erecting a structure full of office and residential buildings however you like. Build wide, build tall, and even build underground as you expand your tower's offerings and increase the services offered to guests and residents alike. Project Highrise is $4.99 (75% off), and if this sounds like your kind of jam you might want to look into its DLC like Project Highrise: Miami Malls ($0.99, 50% off) or Project Highrise: Tokyo Towers ($0.99, 50% off).

SAMURAI SHODOWN V SPECIAL ($2.99, a 50% discount) hails from the O.G. weapons-based fighting game that debuted a couple of years ahead of Soul Edge. Select from over 28 powerful warriors from across the entire SAMURAI SHODOWN franchise. Play by yourself or with your friends in classic 2D fighting action. Bear in mind that this is a no-frills arcade port, so you might need to get third-party programs to get your controller working just right.

Finally, Sheltered (75% off at $3.74) is the tale of a family who's trying to survive an apocalyptic disaster. You've been fortunate enough to discover an abandoned underground shelter, but it requires a good bit of fixing up before it's usable for you and your kin. Venture out into the world to collect crucial supplies, and work your way towards repairing the RV above ground so you can move on to greener pastures. Be advised that this game's version might lag slightly behind the Steam version in terms of updates.

Disclosure: GOG works with TechRaptor for affiliate partnership, and TechRaptor earns a small commission off purchases made from links in this article. In addition, GOG provides a monthly giveaway to our Pack Hunter members.

That's it for the GOG Weekly Sale! If you're out to pick up some DRM-free classics or some interesting strategy games, swing on by the sale page and see what's on offer! You have five days and change before it's all over.

What do you think of the games in this week's GOG Weekly Sale? Do you think GOG should do a better job with modernizing some of the SNK ports? What are the must-buy titles in this sale? Let us know in the comments below!

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