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Act of War



One of the best RTS titles of the past decade has finally made it to GoG games and as such, is finally playable on modern systems. Act of War: Direct Action and its expansion/sequel High Treason have been released together as the Gold Edition. The critically praised games combined the Command and Conquer style of strategy with a near-future technothriller atmosphere based on the book written by author Dale Brown. The game pitted three factions: The U.S. Army, Task Force Talon, and the Consortium. Each had their own style of play with the U.S. Army relying on conventional brute force, Task Force Talon focusing on advanced weaponry and precision, and the Consortium striking from the shadows. It was graphically appealing, with a slick soundtrack, cheesy FMV cutscenes, and really fun gameplay that in some cases was (and is still) ahead of its time. Unfortunately the games were not commercially successful and for the most part, flew under the radar.

Further crippling the titles was their notorious conflict with systems that had more than 3gb of RAM that made it practically unplayable. This basically meant that the game lacked future proofing and required manual workarounds by users in order to get the game to function short of playing on an older system. It got so bad that Steam had to pull the game from their library.

Fortunately GoG has apparently fixed the RAM issue. In a facebook response to a question asking if the game was still having problems with more than 3gb of RAM, GoG stated:

We tested it on machines with 4 or more GB's of RAM. This issue, the 3 GB or more RAM problem, is the main reason why it took so long for the game to be released.
Act of War: Gold Edition is available at GoG for $9.99.

So what is your take? Are you excited to see Act of War finally playable on modern computer systems? Were you a fan and will you be willing to pay for the game again in order to play it today? Tell us below in the comments section.

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