GOG Galaxy Game Client Exits Beta In April

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GOG Galaxy Game Client Exits Beta In April

March 22, 2017

By: Robert N. Adams


GOG Galaxy, the game client for the digital distribution service GOG.com, will be exiting beta in April 2017 according to a press release.

GOG Galaxy is an optional game client for the DRM-free digital distribution service GOG.com. Originally announced in May of 2015, it works much like any other game client associated with a digital retailer by allowing customers to download any games associated with their account.

A core feature being added to the client is Universal Cloud Saves. Quite a few digital services support backing up data in the cloud, and gaming clients sometimes have support to back up your saved data (typically on a per-game basis). The Universal Cloud Saves feature will allow players to back up their game saves to the cloud even if the game itself didn't originally support the feature. Furthermore, players will be able to download the backed-up save data at any time to use however they would like.

Other features coming to GOG Galaxy included increased customization of features for a more personalized client experience and a hibernation mode that reduces system resource usage when a game is being played or when the client is idle. Community-requested features like bandwidth limiting & scheduling, an in-game overlay, desktop notifications, and others will also be part of the final release. Existing users of the platform who have opted to test updates will be able to access these new features now. As for everyone else, the full release of GOG Galaxy will be coming sometime in April.


What do you think of GOG Galaxy? How do you feel it stacks up against comparable clients such as Steam, Origin, and Battle.net? What do you think of the new features that are being added to the full release version of the client? Let us know in the comments below!

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