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GOG Connect To Continue in The Future

Gaming article by Don Parsons on Tuesday, July 19, 2016 - 11:30

Not too long ago, GOG ran a rather impressive pilot program called GOG Connect which gave you GOG copies of some Steam games you owned for a limited time. The project appeared to be a massive success, with a huge amount of popularity among users even with only 11 games available on it. However, since it ended back on June 8th, there hadn't been any word from GOG about the program, leading some users to wonder about it.


That led to user James_BD posting on the PC Gaming subreddit asking about what happened to it and surprisingly enough for him, he got an official user replies from the official GOG Account. The first thing the GOG representative confirmed was that they were not abandoning the GOG Connect program and it would be returning in the future. It was very well received and right now they are working on going over what could be improved based on what worked and what didn't the first time around. However, the representative said there was no timeline or ETA for the next GOG Connect round. 

Ever since the original announcement of GOG Connect, there had been one question many people had pondered. Seeing a live representative in the thread TucoBenedictoPacif took the chance to ask the question: had GOG considered making Connect work the other way - with GOG purchases being enabled on Steam? While staying very vague, the GOG representative said that they had considered this in their office. However, the representative was also very clear that there were no plans to announce on this front or promises that it would be happening in the future.  


Quick Take

It's good to hear that GOG Connect will be continuing, although I'm not surprised given how popular it was. It's also good that they are taking the time to evaluate it as there were a lot of slowdown and failure issues with the API hookup with Steam overall. I don't expect GOG Connect to be something available for all games but it does look like a great way to help get steam users to migrate and with planned bursts at times could be a great publicity tool for GOG.

What do you think of this information? What games would you like to see on GOG Connect? Did you use it when it was available the first time? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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