Goddess of Victory: Nikke Getting Major Character Skills Update

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Goddess of Victory: Nikke

Today developer Shift Up announced that its popular mobile game Goddess of Victory: Nikke is getting a significant update. 

The patch will become available on January 12, and it's the result of player feedback that prompted "special reviews, tests, and troubleshooting,"

The changes focus on the skills of some of the characters, with Noise, Noah, and Rapunzel  getting the largest overhaul. 

Here's the list of changes:

1. Fixed an issue where the Current HP is increased repeatedly when the following skills apply Max HP buff.

● Noise: Skill 2 [Sing Together], Burst Skill [Energetic Noise]

● Folkwang: Skill 2 [Harder, Better, Faster]

● Soldier FA.: Burst Skill [Falcon Boost]

● Rapunzel: Skill 1 [Sacrifice], Skill 2 [Divine Blessing], Burst Skill [Garden of Shangri-La]

After the adjustment, the Current HP increase by the abovementioned skills will only be triggered when Max HP increases.

Please refer to the explanation below with Noise’s Skill 2 [Sing Together] and Folkwang’s Skill 2 [Harder, Better, Faster] as examples.

Example 1: Affected Cases

Noise’s Skill 2 [Sing Together](Lv. 10)

■ Activates when attacking with Full Charge. Affects the target.

Taunt for 2 sec.

■ Affects self.

Max HP ▲ 15.16% for 5 sec.

Before adjustment: Max HP increases every 5 seconds when attacking with Full Charge, but Current HP increases whenever player attacks with Full Charge.

After adjustment: Max HP increases every 5 seconds when attacking with Full Charge. Current HP will increase according to the increase rate when Max HP rises.

Noise and Rapunzel are affected by this change to a different extent.

Example 2: Unaffected Cases

Folkwang’s Skill 2 [Harder, Better, Faster], Cooldown time 20 sec (Lv. 10)

■ Affects 1 enemy unit(s) with the highest ATK.

Taunt for 5 sec.

■ Affects self.

Max HP ▲ 44.96% for 10sec.

Before adjustment: Max HP increases every 20 sec for a duration of 10 sec. Current HP increases according to the increase rate every time Max HP rises.

Effect after the adjustment remains the same as before.

Although skill properties will change just like the cases of Noise and Rapunzel, the cooldown time will be unaffected. This case applies to Folkwang and Soldier FA.

2. Fixed an issue where Current HP is affected by other buffs and increases substantially when Max HP buff is applied.

3. Fixed an issue where the Max HP increase rate is not applicable to the first recovery of constant recovery buffs when Max HP buff and constant recovery of caster’s HP buff are applied at the same time. This affects Noise’s Burst Skill [Energetic Noise].

Skill Constitution:

Noise’s Burst Skill [Energetic Noise], Cooldown time 40 sec (Lv. 10)

■ Affects all allies.

Constantly recovers 2.47% of caster's Maximum HP every 1 sec for 10 sec.

Max HP ▲ 49.5% for 10 sec.

Before adjustment: Max HP increase rate does not apply to the first constant recovery ratio, resulting in a lower rate of recovery.

After adjustment: Max HP buff applies to the first recovery of caster’s HP, so there is a consistent rate for every recovery.

4. Adjusted the skill properties of Nikkes with Taunt effect to improve their availability. The following adjustments were made:

- Noise’s Skill 2 [Sing Together]: Max HP increase rate increased from 15.16% to 24.86%. Cooldown time decreased from 5 sec to 1.8 sec. We hope this adjustment can improve the instant defense capability and constant defense capability.

- Diesel’s Skill 1 [Strawberry Field]: Defense increase rate increased from 22.04% to 25.92%. Recovery rate of caster’s Max HP increased from 11.02% to 12.96%.

- Noah’s Skill 2 [Cruisin' for a Bruisin']: Attack Reduction rate increased from 7.82% to 13.25%.

- Noah’s Burst Skill [U Mad Bro?]: Defense Increase rate increased from 99% to 133%.

5. Fixed an issue where the Max HP increase effect of Frima’s and Delta’s skills only increase Max HP and not Current HP.


Frima’s Burst Skill [Vexation]

Actual effect before adjustment: Current HP cannot be increased when Max HP increase is applied, so it appears as if the HP is decreased.

Effect after the adjustment: The increased Max HP will be added to Current HP.

6. Fixed a loophole where the Charge Speed of Maxwell’s Skill 1 [Straight Shot] 6 does not take effect when she uses Burst Skill [Pierce Shot].

7. Fixed a loophole where Snow White’s Full Charge Damage does not take effect when she uses Burst Skill [Seven Dwarves: I].

8. Fixed a UI issue where the Full Charge Damage rate is incorrectly displayed as 100% when the Charge Time reduction rate of Alice and Uni is 100%. The skill properties remain the same since the actual damage rate is normal.

9. Improved Uni’s Skill 1 [DMNS] so that the Charge Time reduction effect is calculated based on the Charge Time of the characters present instead of Uni’s own Charge Time.

10. Fixed an issue where the laser light does not shoot in the correct direction when Laplace uses Burst Skill in the Arena. The skill properties remain the same since the actual damage rate is normal.

11. Fixed an issue where the damage reduction does not take effect properly when the character takes an attack with damage increase effect and ignore defense effect. Characters with damage reduction effect are Ether, Ludmilla, Noah, Noise, Admi.

12. Fixed an issue where Novel’s and Isabel’s damage increase Debuff does not cause actual damage increase effect.

13. Fixed an issue where Privaty’s Max Ammunition Capacity is displayed incorrectly. The properties remain the same since there is no issue with the effect itself.

14. Decreased the duration of Rapunzel’s Skill 2 [Diving Blessing] from 20s to 15s for the 15s cooldown time.

Due to the extent of the changes, the skill reset feature will be available until January 26. It will return all development materials you may have used on any character. Three Skill Uninstallers will also distributed to tha players' in-game mail. 

Goddess of Victory: Nikke is currently available for iOS and Android. It's free-to-play with optional microtransactions.

If you're unfamiliar with Shift Up, it’s the studio that created the popular mobile game Destiny Child and its CEO is famous South Korean artist Hyung-tae Kim. You may be familiar with him for his gorgeous character design in the Magna Carta series and in Blade & Souls.

Currently, the studio is also working on a PS5 action game, originally code named Project EVE and recently renamed Stellar Blade. 

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