Go on a Co-op Journey with It Takes Two

It Takes Two

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Go on a Co-op Journey with It Takes Two

June 18, 2020

By: Robert Grosso

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Hazelight Studios
Electronic Arts
Adventure, Indie

Hazelight Studios is working on a brand new title, It Takes Two.

It Takes Two is described co-op action-adventure platformer "that will blow your fucking mind away" according to Hazelight CEO Josef Fares. Players will control two dolls, from the mind of little girl, as they go on a wild adventure together. Similar to A Way Out, the game is designed to be a co-op experience first and foremost, with both dolls designed to help navigate the world around them. 

The dolls actually belong to a young girl named Rose, and the two dolls represent her parents, Cody and May. It Takes Two takes on a more tragic spin as Cody and May are in the middle of a separation, with Rose caught in the crossfire. The two dolls, made out of wood and clay, are designed to be what Rose sees her parents as, and represent her desires to keep her family together. 

Fares is hoping to marry the storyline and mechanics together, blending long, dream-like sequences and level design with co-op gameplay mechanics. He wants players to see and control Cody and May's emotions in the form of their dolls, right down to creating level-specific mechanics that reflect what their emotional state is at the time. This is something Fares hopes will showcase new innovations that help blend the narrative and gameplay experience together. 


"I think, for the players, that's going to feel very new, different, and unique." Said Fares. "They haven't played anything like this before."

No official release date was given for It Takes Two, but it is planned for a 2021 release, and will be part of the EA Originals Label. 


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