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Go Nuclear In The Latest Scum Update

Published: November 30, 2022 10:57 AM



Get your iodine pills ready, because the latest Scum update is going nuclear. Literally, that's what it's called: Going Nuclear, and it adds modular base building, farming, a nuclear power plant POI, radiation, modular vehicles and more. It's a pretty substantial update, so get your yellow hazmat suits ready, because we're going in.

To start, the nuclear power plant POI is a dangerous new area with both seen and unseen dangers, and some high tier rewards if you're brave enough. There will be different radiation zones within the power plant that vary in intensity, ranging from 60 Sv/h to 0.1 Sv/h at the edge of the zone. To prevent exposure, you'll need to wear a hazmat suit and not consume anything found within the power plant, which seems obvious, but I guess some players will still try it. With millions of copies sold, there'll be at least one intriguing individual who decides to eat something within the power plant, if only to see what happens.


Scum update screenshot shows protective equipment you'll be using in this update.
You'll be needing this from now on.

To spot radiation, you'll be using analog and improvised Geiger counters. The analog counters will produce sound and tell you the exact amount of radiation of the area while the improvised counters will only vary in sound intensity depending on the amount of radiation. That sounds terrifying, but at least it's better than nothing, eh?

Modular base building is a highly anticipated inclusion for Scum, and it'll allow you and other players to be much more creative with your construction. The building menu is now separate from the crafting menu and will give you many options to build whatever you need, which is pretty exciting. As previously mentioned, there are also modular vehicles, which should be very useful.


Last but not least, gardening is now in the game. Basically, if you want a supply of food that is relatively easy to maintain or acquire, you can build a garden plot. Its size can be adjusted with your mouse movement, and you can grow foods ranging from red onions and carrots through to garlic, apples, and cherries, among others.

Want to see the latest Scum update in action? Check out the Scum Going Nuclear update trailer below!


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