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Published: February 27, 2018 2:02 PM /


chrono trigger steam

In a surprise move, Square Enix has released Chrono Trigger on Steam, marking the first-ever PC release of the lauded RPG. Packing "updated graphics and music," as well as the bonus dungeons from the Nintendo DS and mobile ports, Square Enix is promising that the PC now has the "definitive version" of Chrono Trigger. People who purchase Chrono Trigger on Steam before April 2nd will also receive a special musical medley, a collection of wallpapers, and a digital version of composer Yasunori Mitsuda's liner notes. The Steam port also supports both mouse and keyboard, as well as controller configurations. Chrono Trigger can be picked up on Steam now for $14.99.



Widely regarded as one of the best JRPGs of all time (and one of my personal favorites), Chrono Trigger united some of the best talents Japan had to offer in the 90s. Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi was the designer, Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii was the supervisor, and Dragonball creator Akira Toriyama provided the now-iconic character designs. Telling the tale of young boy Chrono as he fights against the apocalyptic threat Lavos, the story spans thousands of years and unites an unlikely cast of allies. Combining the ATB system with flashy, colorful abilities and a now-iconic soundtrack, Chrono Trigger is a fond memory for many gamers, and with good reason.

Judging from screenshots and the trailer posted above, this port of Chrono Trigger looks to be a modified version of one of the existing mobile ports. This assumption is bolstered by the announcement of enhancements coming to the mobile versions. The mobile improvements are the same enhancements provided to the PC version. Despite Square Enix's lackluster track record with mobile ports, hopefully, this version is superior to previous efforts. Regardless of your opinion on previous work, the surprise announcement is something worth applauding and shows Square Enix is at least considering their own catalog. You can pick up Chrono Trigger now on Steam for $14.99.

Do you plan on buying Chrono Trigger for PC? Any other Squaresoft games you'd like to see make an appearance on Steam? Let us know in the comments below!



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