Gnomepunk is a City Builder All About Those Crazy Gnomes

Gnomepunk aims to mix gnomes, humor, city building and survival into one cohesive game

Published: April 16, 2021 11:45 AM /



Gnomepunk is a newly announced city builder where the player will be able to build an army of gnomes, train builders, gather resources, and work to conquer or ally other factions to dominate the forest. Externally you will have to deal with wild animals, hostile terrain, carnivorous plants, and hostile gangs. Internally there are factors such as alcoholism, idleness, and defeatism that may spread through your gnomish society like a plague. You will have to carefully monitor your gnomes so that they continue to work and conquer the forest in your name. 

Traps can also be set for animals, and you'll be able to catch and release people "for your own purposes", which sounds fairly sinister. This includes torture, so be sure to go for the gum-drop buttons if you want to make them talk. 

Speaking of torture, you can tax the living hell out of your people. This isn't just because you're a jerk, but because you'll lose respect from the gnomes if you are too gentle with them. Use this strength to entertain your people by building arenas and hosting parties every night so that the gnomes can let loose, footloose. The parties will include alcohol, stimulants, contests, and prostitution. As the king, it is your right to enjoy everything that your kingdom has to offer, so make sure you do.

If Gnomepunk sounds like the type of city builder that you want to play, be sure to wishlist it on Steam here. Other than that, be sure to stay tuned to TechRaptor for more details.

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