Gloomhaven Digital Adaptation Enters Early Access in Summer

Gloomhaven is coming to early access soon, after it reaches it post-kickstarter goal.

Published: May 11, 2019 10:39 AM /


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The second printing of cooperative card-driven turn-based tactical game Gloomhaven managed to raise almost four million dollars on Kickstarter in May 2017. It kept on raising until it reached 4.4 million in post-Kickstarter crowdfunding, according to Asmodee Digital, who is now announcing the digital adaptation to be released on Steam in Early Access this summer. Although it won't have multiplayer at release on Early Access, the developers will add cooperative support later.

The PC version of the board game will share the world and lore of its analog predecessor, even though it takes on a new life as a challenging turn-based tactical RPG. You'll play as a squad of 2-4 mercenaries in a world of darkness and trials. Gloomhaven is a balanced combination of tactical gameplay, RPG, and dungeon crawling. With a legendary unforgiving difficulty, it rewards only the most strategic of players.

The first Early Access build will give players access to four character classes. The first one is the Savvas Cragheart, a versatile class that throws rocks and explodes things, with a variety of playstyles such as a frontline tank or crowd control. There's also the Orchid Spellweaver, a powerful but fragile magic user, the most well-rounded mage in the game, but also the most complicated. Then there's the powerhouse Inox Brute, which is more a pure tank build. Finally, there's the stealthy Human Scoundrel, a guerrilla-style assassin and rogue.

Even seasoned adventurers in the ways of tabletop Gloomhaven will have to weigh all their decisions, with every choice in the game having consequences. This turn-based tactical dark fantasy RPG rewards strategic planning and thinking rather than luck. Players will get to master 17 playable character classes overall, featuring more than a thousand unique abilities. The variety of abilities will allow unique builds and multiple team synergies in order to face more than 50 different enemy types.

The beginning of Early Access will give players access to an adventure mode that features rogue-like mechanics unique to PC gaming. Throughout Early Access, the developers will add content on a regular basis, expanding enemies and character rosters, and also new environments and adventures. Later players will be able to dive into the story mode, which will feature 95 missions from the board game campaign that you will also be able to play with other players via a cooperative mode.

You can wishlist and follow Gloomhaven on Steam to keep up with news. You can also follow Asmodee Digital on YouTube and Twitter.

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