Gleaner Heights: Season 2 Expands a Dark Farming RPG Next Month

Published: February 25, 2022 2:48 PM /


Gleaner Heights Season 2 Release Date cover

Gleaner Heights: Season 2 has been revealed, promising to provide Farming RPG and action RPG fans with new content to enjoy late next month.

I wouldn't blame you if you haven't heard of Gleaner Heights -- this is a game that is definitely flying under the radar. I first got to check it out back in late 2018 and was pleasantly surprised with what I discovered. Since then, the game has expanded to consoles while its developer Emilios Manolidis worked on new content. Now, a new expansion is on the way -- check out the trailer for Gleaner Heights: Season 2!


At first glance, Gleaner Heights looks like many of the farming RPGs that came out in the wake of Stardew Valley's monumental success. Don't assume that this title is like those other farming games, though -- you'd be sorely mistaken.

Yes, Gleaner Heights is part Farming RPG, and yes, it has many of the mechanics you'd expect. You can plant crops, raise farm animals, and develop relationships with the people in the town. However, it also has several notable departures from the genre, some of which would surprise longtime fans of the Farming RPG genre. (As an example, planting seeds while it's raining is a bad idea -- the rain will wash them away!)

The farming part of the game isn't half bad, but Gleaner Heights has a greater strength in its combat -- and its story. This is not a happy-go-lucky town where you're trying to save up items to impress your future in-game wife. People deal with dark problems, and there's something evil lurking below the town. In a sense, this is very much Stardew Valley meets Twin Peaks, and that alone should perk your ears up.


Gleaner Heights has been out for over three years now, but development is far from done -- soon, a brand-new batch of content will be arriving with the Gleaner Heights: Season 2 expansion. Aside from new romance options and expanded NPC backgrounds, there's a new threat to battle -- and the fate of the entire town is in your hands.

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When is the Gleaner Heights: Season 2 Release Date?

The Gleaner Heights: Season 2 release date is March 24, 2022, for PC via Steam. Xbox One and Nintendo Switch release dates for the expansion will be announced at a later date.


Season 2 of Gleaner Heights looks to add a hefty chunk of new content to the game -- if you're a farming RPG addict like I am, it's something that you should definitely check out. You can add Gleaner Heights: Season 2 to your wishlist on Steam; you'll be able to buy the expansion for $5.99 or your regional equivalent when it launches late next month. And, of course, you can buy the base game Gleaner Heights for PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch for $9.99.

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