Give Call of Duty a Rest And Check Out The Newly Announced Goat of Duty

Published: April 30, 2019 1:28 PM /


Goat of Duty

Someday we might exhaust the possibilities of what games can be about, and what kind of different elements and ideas we can explore or mix up to produce a unique title. But not today, as Spanish publisher Raiser Games is proud to announce Goat of Duty, a fast-paced hardcore first-person shooter developed by Italian studio 34BigThings, creators of the futuristic racing game Redout. The game caters to those pure souls who at some point in their lives wondered "what would happen if you implanted a rocket launcher into a goat? Or how would a battle between goats in a space station look like?" If you're one of those, consider seeing a therapist, but you might also want to check out this madcap shooter.

Not only will you get to play as a goat, but as a goat that's armed to the teeth and horns as you face other goats. The developers brainstormed possible explanations for the concept but decided to do away with lore and setting to simply allow players to bask in the delightful nonsense that is a game where you play as a goat and shoot other goats. Still, players can expect a fast-paced and intense multiplayer shooter stripped down to its most basic: devilish deathmatch arenas, powerful weapons, and crazy-fast action with lots of gory shenanigans. There are no convoluted metagames, no characters or skills. It's a frenzied shooter distilled to its most base essence, but also with silly jokes, "goatstumes" (player skins), and victory dances.

Goat of Duty's exact release date is yet to be announced, but the developers intend to wrap it up sometime in 2019. In 2017 there was an alpha sign up, and a beta sign up in 2018. You can wishlist the game on Steam and hope for another beta sign up or Early Access demo.

What do you think of Goat of Duty? Is it the one true heir to Goat Simulator? Let us know in the comments below!

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