Giant SpaceKat's Revolution 60 to be Released on Steam

Published: February 7, 2015 12:08 AM /


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It took indie development team Giant Spacekat a shockingly fast 60-something hours to get their game Revolution 60 through Steam's Greenlight, despite fierce criticism on the page's comments.  The game which was originally created for iOs will now receive a PC port through Steam's platform, and follows the story of Holiday a space assassin who uses moral choices to effect the game's outcome in a style which the press have reportedly claimed is like "Heavy Rain meets Mass Effect".

The last few days have not been easy for the team who have had to read their game be attacked in the comments, though as mentioned in the Greenlight's announcements the team believe this to be more due to the unpopularity of their head of development Brianna Wu for discussing women in gaming than due to the game itself.

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Brianna's husband and designer on the project Frank Wu even attributed the sheer amount of criticism and downvotes to "gamergaters" on Facebook.

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Criticism in the comments have range from  understandable questions over graphical quality likening it to a game from the PS1 era, blatant mockery of many of Wu's ideals such as claiming the game is sexist as it features no strong male characters and racist as it lacks racial diversity, all the way to rude, brash and completely uncalled for remarks.

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Wu has tried to address some of her critics in her discussion thread, such as the claim that the above quote "Heavy Rain meets Mass Effect" originates from Wu herself, however with the thousands of comments the game has received (and counting), it may be a long time before she can address them all.

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When asked to comment on her game getting Greenlit Wu tweeted "I'm thrilled. I couldn't have imagined this strong a response." There is no word yet as to when we can expect to see the Steam Release. You can find out more about the game on their website.

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What do you think of this game? Will you be buying the Steam release?


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