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Construction Simulator by @astragon_games is back with its biggest iteration yet and we had the chance to talk with them about the game

Published: June 22, 2022 9:00 AM /


A truck in Construction Simulator

The latest game in the Construction Simulator franchise has been unveiled. It's just called Construction Simulator, and it's bringing a huge amount of construction machines, lots of tasks to complete, and plenty of new and overhauled game mechanics to PC and consoles this September.

What can we expect from the new Construction Simulator?

With work simulators like the regularly-updated Farming Simulator picking up huge audiences, now seems like a pretty good time to release a work sim. Evidently, Astragon and Weltenbauer feel the same way, as the two companies have announced Construction Simulator, the latest title in the eponymous series. Weltenbauer CEO René Nold told us that the new game is a "full blown Construction Simulator", as opposed to the more mobile-friendly installments of recent years. It's hitting PC and consoles later this year, and you can check out the trailer for it right here.

As you can imagine, Construction Simulator will allow you to operate and oversee construction operations using a wealth of real-world vehicle brands. In some missions, you might be asked to pour concrete, while in others you may need to dig yourself a pit or carry parts using a crane. Authenticity is a huge focal point for developer Weltenbauer; according to Nold, the team works hard to obtain authentic audio samples for each machine, even going so far as to record "not only engine and driving sounds, but also rattling, squeaking, scratching, and bumping". The visuals for the machines are also pored over extensively, with detailed CAD data from manufacturers showing exactly how vehicles should be rendered.

Although this could sound off-putting, Nold assures us that Construction Simulator will also be a beginner-friendly game. Here's what he had to say when we asked him how the game would cater to potential new players.

We have invested a lot of time in a good introduction to the game. In the first hour, we accompany the player with more detailed explanations, give him an overview of the different tasks that await him in the game and familiarize him with not only several machines but also the different systems and menus. Once the introduction is over and the player moves on to the main part of the game, he still has a context-based manual, we call it flipbook, at his disposal, where he can look up the information he needs depending on the situation.

And in contrast to the predecessors of the series, this time there is no direct financial pressure over time on the player. So the player can learn, familiarize and discover the world in his very own speed. #nopressure

Vehicles in the middle of an exercise in Construction Simulator
Construction Simulator has been...ahem...constructed to appeal to both newcomers and old series veterans.

The new game will also focus heavily on multiplayer, allowing you to play with up to three of your friends. Nold told us that the game will feature different job scope settings; you can choose a high, medium, or low job scope. High scope means you'll have to do everything yourself, while low scope ensures that much of the busywork will be taken care of for you. According to Nold, this job scope setting will "hopefully do the trick" when it comes to scaling content for multiplayer, but there's also a feature whereby co-op players can take on "different construction contracts in parallel". This means you'll have to co-ordinate with your buddies to make sure you get everything right.

If you're a construction industry aficionado, you'll find lots of real-world brands here that you'll recognize. Nold says that the most fun brand to incorporate into the game was the clothing company Englebert Strauss. He says that rather than sending digital scans, the company simply sent a bunch of merch to Weltenbauer's office, so the studio had to dress an employee in those clothes and take 360-degree photos of him, then scan them into the game. Judging by the level of graphical fidelity on offer here, it looks like that work wasn't wasted. 

When is the Construction Simulator release date?

You'll be able to check out the new Construction Simulator when it launches later this year. The Construction Simulator release date is September 20th. You can pre-order the game right now if it looks like it's your sort of thing. As Nold points out, simulator games "can now...keep up with big AAA titles" in terms of visuals and gameplay quality, so if you're thinking this is going to be a corner-cutting experience, then you can think again. Construction Simulator is very much aiming to keep up with its genre's big guns.

A Scania vehicle in Construction Simulator
You'll recognize plenty of the brands in Construction Simulator.

With work sims like American Truck Simulator still regularly being updated with new content, you might be wondering if the same is true of Construction Simulator. According to Nold, the team has "a lot of ideas" for post-launch content, as well as manufacturers who are "already lining up" to be featured in potential updates or DLC. We don't yet know what form that will take, but until then, make sure to add Construction Simulator to your wishlist if you're into this kind of game. It's looking pretty special.

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