Get Into The Breach Free With Epic's 12 Days of Free Games

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Get Into The Breach Free With Epic's 12 Days of Free Games

December 19, 2019

By: Robert N. Adams


You can now get Into The Breach free — but you only have 24 hours to do it.

The Epic Games Store is offering Into The Breach free as the first of twelve games that they'll be giving away throughout the Christmas season Epic has been giving away games periodically all year, and they're stepping things up to close out 2019 with a bang.

What's Into The Breach all about? Well, let's lead with the fact that this game is made by the same people who brought you FTL: Faster Than Light, so you can expect to get about eight thousand hours of gameplay out of this thing and three or four aneurysms from sheer stress. It's not exactly my kind of thing, but I'm sure a lot of you out there will love it.

There ain't much left of human civilization, thanks in part to massive monsters breeding underneath the earth. It is only through the command of three powerful mechs that you'll be able to fend them off and keep humanity chugging along. This turn-based strategy has turn-based maps, tough enemies, and a metric ton of replayability.


Best of all, this has some good ol' time travel shenanigans built right into the game. Fail a mission? No big deal, just send another team of mechs back in time and try again! Just don't meet yourself or you'll become your own grandpa or something.

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More Free Stuff Coming with Epic's 12 Days of Free Games

Into the Breach is a pretty neat game, but it's only going to be available for a very limited time. In fact, the deal goes away for good tomorrow.

The Epic Games Store's 12 Days of Free Games is indeed giving away one game per day — and only one. Once a new game rotates in, the old game rotates out. If you have even a passing fascination with Into The Breach, you should grab it on the Epic Games Store right now.

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What do you think of Into The Breach? What do you hope to see next from the creators of FTL: Faster Than Light? Let us know in the comments below!

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