Get 5 Free Overwatch Loot Boxes for the Holiday Season

Published: December 27, 2018 9:30 AM /


free overwatch loot boxes

5 free Overwatch loot boxes are waiting for you if you haven't logged in to the game lately. Blizzard Entertainment is once again giving away some goodies for the holiday season!

While Overwatch is a one and done purchase, a portion of the game's appeal is the randomized cosmetic loot in loot boxes. None of these items ever really affect the game, but players nonetheless want to look cool. Your digital closet has just expanded with Blizzard recently granting five free Overwatch loot boxes to all players who logged in on Christmas or later.

The free Overwatch loot boxes are for the Winter Wonderland event which launched a couple of weeks ago. This year's event is more of the same with the return of Mei's Snowball Fight and Yeti Hunt. As always, a bunch of neat new cosmetics made their debut this year including six new Legendary skins for those lucky enough to get them. These boxes are on the event loot table; this means that you'll still have a chance to acquire normal items when you open them up. You're always guaranteed at least one or two items from the event, though. Fingers crossed that you get something good!

This isn't the only way the Blizzard has celebrated the holidays for 2018; the Overwatch Yule Log has also made a return and featured a rotating cast of personalities as opposed to last year's solo act. The free boxes should automatically be available once you log into the game at any point after Christmas Day. There's no way to be sure if they'll stick around, so it's best to pop on and get them while you can! The Winter Wonderland event ends on January 2, 2019. Don't forget that you can pick up the game (or upgrade to the Legendary Edition) at a 50% discount for a limited time!

What do you think of Blizzard giving away five free Overwatch loot boxes for Christmas? Did you get anything good in your virtual presents this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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