georgie on the go

Georgie on the Go - Episode 1 - Streets of Rage

January 20, 2015 2:00 PM

By: Georgina Young


Hey everyone this is the first in what will hopefully be along standing series at Techraptor where I, Georgina Young, local Nintendo Fan Girl and loyal servant of the god that is the Sega MegaDrive, play my favourite retro games and chat about everything from reasons those games are so great to the reasons why I suck so badly at them.

It's perhaps nothing groundbreaking, but if you guys like my unique personality quirks then I'll be doing this every Tuesday so make sure you check back with TechRaptor every week for the latest show.


A big thanks go to Travis for creating the opening titles and the rocking 8-bit theme tune.



What are you thoughts? Would you like to see more from me being terrible at retro games? Or do you have a game to suggest? Please leave your comments below.

Author: Georgina Young | Former Staff Writer
Georgina is a former writer for TechRaptor, you can find her on Twitter!