Genshin Impact Update 1.1 Test Leak Reveals New Characters And More

Published: October 6, 2020 10:05 AM /


A character looks out over a town in Genshin Impact

Test info for the upcoming Genshin Impact update 1.1 has been leaked. The info appears to show new characters, a flight challenge, and more coming to the game as part of the update.

Who are Genshin Impact's new characters?

This information comes via Reddit, where user genshin_testinfo has uploaded several screenshots depicting what appears to be new content in the 1.1 update. The text in the images is entirely in Chinese - as you would expect, given the update hasn't rolled out yet - but images depict new characters, a bunch of new items, and what seems to be an upcoming flight challenge, among other things. Here's a quick look at genshin_testinfo's screenshots and what they mean, courtesy of a translation in the post's comments section.

A new character in Genshin Impact

This is a new Geo-based character, Zhong Li, whose ability calls down a piece of rock to deal AoE damage and petrify surrounding enemies. Petrification prevents enemies from moving and causes them to take 20% extra Physical and Geo damage.

Another new character in Genshin Impact

This character, Xinyan, is Pyro-based, and hits enemies to gain a shield. The shield will have three levels and will deal Pyro damage periodically when it is at its maximum level.

A third new character in Genshin Impact

This is a Cryo-based character whose attack both heals allies and deals Cryo damage to enemies continuously.

New gacha characters in Genshin Impact

Here we see a new gacha banner which allows you to roll for new characters and extra loot. It's a standard banner that uses Acquaint Fates for its rolls.

A new event in Genshin Impact

This appears to depict a new event in Genshin Impact which has its own event shop. You'll likely be able to obtain Fischl, who's depicted in the character card, via event tokens.

A new flight challenge in Genshin Impact

According to user Response_Foreign's translation, this image depicts a new flight challenge, presumably offering the chance to complete a flight course in exchange for the rewards detailed in the image.

A fourth new character in Genshin Impact

This is the same Geo-using character - whose name is apparently Zhong Li - from the first image. He's a polearm user.

New weapons in Genshin Impact

New weapons. The highlighted weapon offers 46 base Attack and a 10.8% bonus to your Attack stat. It increases your shield by 20% and increases attack by 4% when hitting an enemy. The latter effect can stack up to 5 times and can be triggered every 0.3 seconds. If you have a shield, the attack increase amount doubles.

More new weapons in Genshin Impact

The stats on this weapon are the same as above, but this one is a two-handed blade.

Several new items in Genshin Impact

These items are interesting. According to user Akane_iro, the items represent a "huge QoL improvement" and range from elemental Sync Stones (for changing the main character's element without needing to visit stones) to pocket teleportation devices and a "Portable Nutrient Bag". These items seem to be designed to make certain things easier within Genshin Impact.

A fifth new character in Genshin Impact

New Cryo-based character Childe, who appears to have two Elemental Bursts and can switch between close-range fighting and long-range bow combat.

Whew. There's lots to come in this new Genshin Impact update, it seems. If you want to follow the ongoing conversation about what all of this means, you can check out the original Reddit thread, where many commenters are debating translations of the Chinese text in the images. Don't forget to also check out this Genshin Impact promo code for 30 Primogems and 5 Adventurer's Experience items to give your character a little more EXP.

What do you think of this new Genshin Impact update 1.1 information? Let us know in the comments below!

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