Genshin Impact 2.1 Update Details Revealed

Soon you'll be able to play as Aloy in Genshin Impact Version 2.1, which should excite a lot of Horizon: Zero Dawn fans.

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Genshin Impact Aloy

The Genshin Impact 2.1 update "Floating World Under the Moonlight" is releasing on September 1, and with it players will be able to visit more islands and stories, recruit more playable characters, and visit old friends at Liyue Harbor. For fans of Aloy in Horizon: Zero Dawn it'll be a particularly exciting time, as this marks the patch that they'll finally be able to recruit and play as her.

“We’ve been very excited to work with Genshin Impact, especially when we have fans of each other from both teams,” said Mathijs de Jonge, director of Horizon Zero Dawn. “Aloy is a proven agile hunter and warrior who never hesitates to fight for a cause. We can’t wait to see her teaming up with the Traveler who is also from another world to continue their adventure together in the Genshin Impact universe!”

What's the Story in the Genshin Impact 2.1 Update?

Version 2.1 marks the storyline for Inazuma coming to an end with the new chapter Omnipresence Over Mortals. Previously, the Traveler was defeated in their first confrontation against Raiden Shogun and then joined the resistance forces after getting BTFO'd. If you were dying to know if the Traveler would confront Raiden Shogun again or stop his plans and save Inazuma, you'll find out in the climax to the Archon quest.

During the storyline, there will be two major islands that players can visit: Watatsumi Island (home of the resistance forces and apparently a beautiful place) and Seirai Island (which has perpetual storms, ruins, abandoned shrines, and withering trees). Seems like an interesting juxtaposition player will be able to visually experience.

If saving the world is something you're not that into right now, you can go back to Liyue for the Moonchase Festival. In this seasonal event, you'll be able to cook and try out Liyue cuisine with Xiangling and Keqing and learn about the ancient festival that's been around for thousands of years.


Not to be outdone by Skyrim: Anniversary Edition, Genshin Impact will also allow its players to fish, with a variety of all sorts of fish available to catch across the continent of Teyvat. The fish can be used to produce fish meat that can be exchanged for rewards or redeemed for fishing rods from the Fishing Association. If you catch a Special Ornamental Fish and raise it in the Pool of Sapphire Grace, you'll get brand-new furnishing that can be crafted in your own personal realm.

You can also participate in the Lunar Realm event to try and find the legendary fish Lunar Leviathan as well if you think you've got what it takes. I guess we'll find out if you do in a few weeks.

What New Characters Are in the Genshin Impact 2.1 Update?

The most exciting new character is Aloy, who is dubbed as the 'Savior From Another World". Aloy is a 5-star character who will be available during Version 2.1 and 2.2 updates. If you want to use her in Version 2.1, you'll have to reach Adventure Rank 20 or above and then sign in to the PS4 or PS5 versions of Genshin Impact. If you do that you'll receive the four-star Predator bow, so make sure you do that.

However, be warned that Aloy can only use her unique weapon effect on the PS4 and PS5 for some reason. This is really weird because Horizon: Zero Dawn is also available on PC, and it is on PC that Aloy will be made available on October 13. Huh.

As for the other characters coming, you'll be able to recruit the Raiden Shogun herself as a five-star Electro polearm user, which sounds pretty lit. There's also Sangonomiya Kokomi, the Divine Priestess, and leader of Watatsumi Island and the resistance forces, coming as another five-star character that will apparently provide a "great amount of healing" to her teammates.

The last character to be made available in this patch is Kujou Sara, who is a bow wielder with Electro vision that's the general of the Tenryou Commission and loyal to the Shogun. She'll provide ranged attacks and buffs for your team.

Since this is Genshin TechRaptor, there will definitely be some guides out when the Genshin Impact 2.1 update is released. Until then, why don't you check out the guides for Yoimiya and Sayu in the meantime? 

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