Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates For PS Vita Announced With Teaser

Published: March 14, 2016 10:56 AM /


Genkai Tokki Seven Pirates

Compile Heart and Felistella have released a teaser for their PS Vita exclusive Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates which shows off gameplay (specifically the Pai-Raising system) and the all female cast.

The teaser shows off the "Pai-Raising" system, which allows for the player to add certain buffs to character. This system ties into, get this, the characters breast size, making them larger will allow for increased attack and defense or if you prefer a more agile character, then all you have to do is have them smaller.

Not only is there a teaser but also character illustrations that show's the title's main cast which consists of seven characters (featuring an all female cast):

Parte Kairi - Main Protagonist (Human)

This is Parte Kairi (Human Protagonist).

Claret and Waffle (Kraken Monster Girl & Kobold Monster Hime)

These two are Claret (Kraken Monster Girl) and Waffle (Kobold Monster Hime).

Lindo and Sakyura (Dragon & Demon Monster girls)

Here we have Lindo (Dragon Monster Girl) and Sakyura (Demon Monster Girl).

Poron and Chell (Skeleton and Slime Monster Girl)

And finally, there is Poron (Skeleton Monster Girl) and Chell (Slime Monster Girl).

Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates should be releasing this summer in Japan but there is no concrete release date as of now, and the game has only been confirmed for the PS Vita. So, if you own the PlayStation 4 and want to fondle some breasts to raise your attack power, you may be waiting quite a while.

Quick Take

Japan's continued insistence of plastering boobs on everything has finally come to its logical conclusion: mixing the female anatomy with the freebooting swashbuckling befitting a pirate in what looks like an . . . interesting take on the JRPG. I am definitely into this, and if you are too then more power to you and me!

What do you think of Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates? Do you want it to come to Western territories? What do you think of the interesting use of the female anatomy? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think!

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