Genital Jousting, Fun, Not Available in Australia and New Zealand

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The newest creation of Freelives and Devolver Digital is the party type game Genital Jousting, which has has been loosed onto Steam Early Access with a few quick notes.

Firstly, it's banned on Twitch, which considering the title, comes as no surprise. Secondly, the game is apparently extremely erotic. I say apparently, because, third, the game is not available for sale in Australia or New Zealand, but before you jump to the obvious conclusion of the land of drop bears and Vegemite banning it, you are actually technically incorrect.

According to KotakuAU, the Devolver PR team notified them the game wasn't banned, but instead they decided to not even bother getting it classified for potential sale, knowing that it would just get banned anyway. This would most likely have been done to avoid the somewhat high costs involved in getting the game looked at by the Australian Classification board.

This is an unsurprising move on Devolver's part, considering one of their previous titles, Hotline Miami 2, was refused classification on its release, and even games like Left 4 Dead 2 needed to be cut down and censored before their release in Australia.

Since the introduction of Australia's R18 rating for video games, not much has been done to actually allow this kind of content into Australia. A quick search of the classification board's archives shows a laundry list of games that have been refused classifications recently.

If you aren't from the land down under, and want to check out Genital Jousting, and perhaps let me know how much fun it is, you can get it on Steam.

Quick Take

Being an Australian gamer, especially one that likes this kind of quirky and silly title, can be a bit daunting at times. Not only do we have to contend with a low dollar, and the infamous Australia Tax, we then have to deal with the classification board treating us like children who can't make up our own minds about what we should and shouldn't play. The whole point of having an adult only rating, in my opinion, is so adults can choose if they wish to play a game about sticking cartoon penises up butts. And I for one would like to.

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