Generation Zero Update For September Adds Challenges, Squashes Bugs

Published: September 25, 2019 12:40 PM /


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Avalanche Studios' open-world robot shooter Generation Zero is getting some love. The Generation Zero update for September adds a Challenge system, a new vanity pack, and some bug fixes.

Developer Avalanche says it added Challenges to Generation Zero in response to a community call for "more stuff to do" and make up the bulk of the Generation Zero update. Challenges are effectively a set of goals that give you rewards for carrying out activities in the game's world. There are two main Challenge paths: Resistance and Truth. Resistance grants rewards for taking down machines. Truth revolves around your progress through the game's main narrative and grants rewards for story milestones.

generation zero challenges
This is what the Challenge menu in Generation Zero looks like.

Each Challenge consists of multiple tiers. As you complete each tier, you'll usually get a new in-game title as a reward. Larger challenges - those with five steps or more - will also grant you a special item to equip at the end. Finally, you'll accrue "Prestige Points" for each challenge you complete. These points are good for "bragging rights", according to Avalanche. They're a way of showing off your mastery over Generation Zero to your friends.

It's not just Challenges this month. The game is also getting a new Vanity Pack. The Blockbuster Vanity Pack is paid DLC that you can pick up on Steam right now.  Avalanche says its main inspiration for the DLC was '80s action movies. It contains four new costumes: the Interceptor, Ecto-Scientist, Xeno-Specialist, and Annihilator sets. No prizes for guessing the origin of these costumes. Lastly, the new patch squashes a bunch of bugs. You can check out the full changelog here if you're interested.

Generation Zero is a survival-themed first-person shooter that you can grab on Steam. TechRaptor's Alex Santa Maria wasn't a huge fan of the game, but your mileage may vary.

Will you be checking out the new Generation Zero challenges? Do you agree or disagree with Alex's assessment of the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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