Gears 5 Has Tons of Posters at E3, Confirms it's Coming This Fall

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Gears 5 Has Tons of Posters at E3, Confirms it's Coming This Fall

June 8, 2019

By: Robert Grosso

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September 10, 2019 (Calendar)
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Microsoft is going big with Gears 5, the latest in the Gears of War franchise.

After revealing Gears 5 at last year's E3, Microsoft has been tight-lipped on any details regarding the game. This time though, the games logo showing off the main cast is plastered all over the convention centers for E3 this year, with a Fall 2019 release planned.

Gears 5 release date was previously leaked, via a box art leak last month. That leak, first reported by the Spanish version of Generation Xbox, showcased a similar logo featuring new protagonist Kait Diaz as the centerpiece. The rumor from Generation Xbox noted a September 10th release.

Diaz will be joined by several other characters from the series, including Gears of War 4 protagonist JD Fenix, and his father and star of the first three games, Marcus Fenix.


Like previous games in the series, Gears 5 will feature a single player third person shooter campaign, in addition to split-screen and cooperative gameplay.

It is known that Gears 5 will be a major centerpiece of Microsoft's E3 showcase, along with fourteen other first-party titles for the Xbox One, which include a rumor Fable game, and a brand new, next-generation Xbox Console. Other games rumored to be in the showcase include the recently leaked title Elden Ring by From Software with consultations from author George R.R. Martin. Check out our Predicting E3 article to find out more of what we think might be at Microsoft's E3 event.



Quick Take

Gears 5 is going to be a major showcase for Microsoft I suspect. Having banners and official artwork already plastered on the E3 convention center, plus revealing the games release date ahead of time, makes me wonder what they will show and reveal about the game beyond the standard mechanics we expect. A cinematic trailer is definitely in the works, but I am curious what developer The Coalition is bringing to the table this time around.

What are your thoughts about this though? Leave your comments below. 


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