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03/28/2019 - 16:07 | By: Robert N. Adams
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New Game will have Guns with Legs

The Gearbox PAX East show had Randy Pitchford returning to the stage one final time for the game we all knew was comingBorderlands 3. Unfortunately, the premiere of the trailer was mired by technical issues, having partly to do with the media set up making use of Windows Media Player. It got so bad that the crowd was repeatedly shouting "VLC" (referring to the much superior VLC Media Player) throughout the debacle.

After several issues, we eventually got a look at the premier trailer for Borderlands 3, albeit in a somewhat choppy fashion. That aside, we were nonetheless able to glean some details. Of course, we were nonetheless able to glean some details from the game. Finally, the trailer played properly after several attempts. You can watch the Borderlands 3 Official Developer Trailer for yourself and see all of the new hotness:

Borderlands 3 will, of course, feature guns. Lots of guns. Over one billion guns, in fact, including guns with legs because why not. Players will travel to a variety of interesting locales including barren deserts and massive cityscapes. Many familiar faces from the previous games will be making a return, including the sirens from the first two games.

While the trailer is certainly filled with a lot of cool imagery (including various new guns, vehicles, and the four new main characters), it was noticeably missing one critical element: a release date. No price has been announced, either, but it will probably be in the usual AAA range. Mr. Pitchford did state that the team has been working on Borderlands 3 for a solid five years, so odds are that we can expect to see the game launch sometime in 2019. Let's just hope the game's launch isn't somehow dependent on Windows Media Player or we might end up waiting a little while longer.

What do you think of Borderlands 3? Are you going to pick up the game when it releases or will you be waiting to see how it develops after launch? Let us know in the comments below!

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