Borderlands 3 Crossplay and Free Next Gen upgrade Announced

borderlands 3 crossplay and free next gen upgrade

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Borderlands 3 Crossplay and Free Next Gen upgrade Announced

September 12, 2020

By: Kenny Himpe

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During Pax Online, Gearbox took some time to make a few highly anticipated Borderlands 3 announcements.

Randy Pitchford announced that Borderlands 3 will get Crossplay across all platforms, while also announcing its arrival on all Next Gen consoles. If experiences with games like Duke Nukem Forever, Aliens: Colonial Marines, or Bulletstorm: Full Clip left you thinking that Gearbox would follow 505 Games footsteps for the next generation, today's stream was good news, as Randy Pitchford announced these upgrades are at no extra cost.

Owners of the game on Current-Gen will own and be able to play the game on the Next-Gen console of the same family. This upgrade will also carry over your saves and loot so that the 1000 hours you spent looking for that perfect gun won't be lost in another mire of doing the same mission over and over. Additionally, two to four-player split-screen has been announced for the game on next-gen consoles, and that they will be introducing vertical two-player splitscreen, making sure there's never a bad split-screen position for you and your friends.

This good news may help settle the boat at a rocky time for Gearbox Software as DLC 3 of the Season pass, Borderlands 3: Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck just released on September 10th to universally negative reception, sitting at 'mostly negative' on Steam. Players have been complaining about the fact that it is the shortest DLC so far, that the content is unengaging, and lacking in content, especially at a relatively high price point for DLC. Settling it is important, with today's newly announced DLC coming later this year.


So far, there hasn't been any announcement regarding PC players or whether the Next-Gen upgrade will bring anything for them, nor has there been any confirmation in regards to Google Stadia getting upgrades, or if it will work with crossplay, as hasn't always been the case.

What do you think about this announcement? Do you own a current-gen copy that's eligible for the free upgrade? Will you get use out of the Split-Screen features being added? Where do you stand on where Borderlands 3 is currently going, post-release development-wise? Let us know 

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